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We’re always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join our team. Are you someone who thinks creatively, works with determination, and refuses to give up when things get tough? If so, you’ll fit right in.

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Entry-level Jobs

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We believe that our marketing professionals are the key components that lead us to success. They’re different from just getting work done; they take the time to know the clients and have their best interests at heart. To sustain this quality, we try to provide them with an environment where they feel heard and appreciated. Diversity and inclusion are an essential part of our company culture and a pivotal contribution to the prosperous future of Barracuda Management. All agents are valued for their unique characteristics, and where everyone has an opportunity to participate in a high-performance culture fully.

At Barracuda Management, we also offer training programs that will lead you to professional development. You’ll learn the skills required to drive your elevation. Our immersion method allows you to work on strategies and solutions with real-world applications. You’ll also witness what makes our firm impressive as you work with our teams to serve different brands. All these hands-on experiences will help you to get the skills and abilities you need now and into the future. We use our clients’ brand recognition for developing managers - clients like us to increase marketability - win/win for both companies.

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